“Shinichi” – well known for its seasonal specials

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Celebratory meal

Celebratory occasions such as “Birthday” “Sixtieth Birthday” “Longevity” “Coming of Age” “Graduation” “Out-of-hospital”,
we have celebratory meals and benefits available.

For one  ¥8,800

For one ¥13,200

You may change the grilled dish to “Grilled salted sea bream” in
Prefix Course featuring seasonal dishes and in-season ingredients.

Appetizer Special Dish Boiled Dish
Grilled Dish[Grilled salted sea bream]
 Fried Dish Filling Dish Fresh Fruit

※Prices shown exclusive of tax

※Reservation required for more than two persons

※We can bring cake and flower bouquet. Please feel free to contact us.

※We will lend chanchanko and hat for “Sixtieth Birthday” and “Longevity” celebrations. Please contact us in advance as the number is limited.

Funeral meal

We will take reservations during holidays and outside of opening hours.
Feel free to contact us.

Kaiseki meal featuring many of seasonal tastes
or seasonal hot pot course

Kaiseki meal

For one  \5,500

For one  \7,700

For one \11,000

(Our budget starts from ¥5500.)

Seasonal Hot Pot Course

※Reservation required for more than two persons

※Please choose one from these.


For get-together lunch, you can choose from Kaiseki meal budget of ¥5500, ¥7700 or ¥11,000.